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Six-Shooter Skink Blend

Six-Shooter Skink Blend

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Size: Size: 6oz. bag, 12oz., or 5lb. bag

Roast: Medium-Dark Roast

Character: Milk Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Light Smoke


Six-Shooter Skink Blend by Line Riders Coffee: A Nod to Border Patrol Heritage

Experience the rich, bold flavors of the Old West with the Six-Shooter Skink Blend from Line Riders Coffee. This blend is a tribute to the adventurous spirit of the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection, embodying the ruggedness and history of line riders who once patrolled the American West.

This unique blend combines the rich caramel and milk chocolate notes of our carefully selected beans with a citrus-like acidity and a hint of smoke from our Nocturnal Dark Roast. It's a coffee that captures the essence of the historic line riders, the early forerunners of today's Border Patrol.

In the tradition of the Old West, where line riders would brew their coffee over an open fire, this blend is a modern-day salute to their legacy. It reflects the perseverance and strength of the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection, whose agents continue to navigate challenging terrains along our borders.

Whether you're in an office processing paperwork, patrolling the borders, or simply starting your day at home, the Six-Shooter Skink Blend offers a perfect start. Its smooth, rich flavor profile is packed with character, mirroring the indomitable spirit of the line riders and today's Border Patrol agents.

At Line Riders Coffee, we are committed to excellence, just like the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection. We source only the finest beans and roast them to perfection, ensuring each cup of the Six-Shooter Skink Blend is an experience in itself.

Enjoy a cup of the Six-Shooter Skink Blend and embark on a flavorful journey that pays homage to the rich history and unwavering spirit of the Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection.


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