Collection: Line Riders Coffee

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Welcome to Line Riders Coffee, where each cup pays tribute to the US Border Patrol. Immerse yourself in our premium coffee collection, each blend expertly crafted to honor the spirit of the Border Patrol. Discover our seven unique blends, each telling a story of heritage and dedication.

Begin your journey with the Float-A-Horseshoe Blend, a light-medium roast combining Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans. Experience the subtle notes of caramel, fruit, and citrus, capturing the essence of Border Patrol vigilance.

The Six-Shooter Skink Blend transports you to the Old West, a medium-dark roast with rich caramel, milk chocolate, and a smoky finish, reminiscent of the rugged Border Patrol landscapes.

Celebrate the American West with the Arbuckle Blend, a medium-dark roast featuring a harmonious blend of cocoa, dried fruit, and crisp citrus, echoing the balance and resilience of the US Border Patrol.

For a lighter touch, the Day Shift Roast features Ethiopian beans, with bright citrus and floral aromas, embodying the alertness of a Border Patrol agent at dawn.

The Swing Shift Roast from Planadas, Colombia, offers a rich medium roast. Its apricot, sweet cream, and honey notes reflect the diverse terrains patrolled by our agents.

Embrace the Mid Shift Roast, a balanced medium roast with Guatemalan beans, offering brown sugar, roasted nuts, and citrus, capturing the steady vigilance of the Border Patrol.

Conclude with the Double Shift Roast, a bold dark roast with deep chocolate and smoky hints, perfect for those long shifts, just as our US Border Patrol agents endure.

Each blend in our collection is more than just coffee; it's a salute to the heroes who guard our borders. Shop now and taste the dedication in every sip of our Line Riders Coffee.