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Border Patrol Skull 2" X 3" PVC Patch

Border Patrol Skull 2" X 3" PVC Patch

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Border Patrol Skull PVC Patch

Unleash a bold statement with the Border Patrol Skull PVC Patch, a symbol of resilience and strength resonating with the spirit of the US Border Patrol and law enforcement. Measuring 2" by 3" square, this industrial-strength patch captivates with its striking aesthetics and robust construction, designed to endure the rigors of everyday use.

Featuring the iconic skull emblem, a longstanding symbol of valor and bravery within law enforcement and military units since the 1970s, this patch adds an awe-inspiring touch to any item. Whether attached to clothing, caps, hats, tactical bags, or backpacks, it amplifies a sense of adventure and fortitude, mirroring the commitment of Border Patrol agents.

Crafted with precision, the patch showcases a convenient hook-and-loop backing for easy attachment, reflecting the practicality valued by US Border Patrol personnel. Its vibrant colors remain unfading, ensuring the patch retains its allure through extensive wear. The clear, textured design ensures every detail of the skull emblem stands out, making a powerful visual impact.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking to personalize their gear or fashion-forward individuals aiming to make a bold statement, this durable and striking patch is the ultimate accessory to express your unique style and adventurous spirit.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, Vint Hill Designs offers free shipping on this exceptional patch. Don't miss the chance to elevate your gear with a patch that embodies the adventurous and resilient spirit of the Border Patrol. Order your Vint Hill Designs Iconic Skull PVC Patch today and embrace your individuality with style!


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