Genesis by Vint Hill Designs

Genesis by Vint Hill Designs

In the beginning, God created borders among nations, establishing the domains of peoples, a vast mosaic across the Earth. He drew lines on land and sea, crafting each boundary with divine intention, separating one from another, each with its own place and purpose.

Then, God created the Border Patrol, vigilant guardians to oversee these boundaries. These agents, skilled and just, walked the thin green lines, ensuring order and peace. And God saw that the Border Patrol was good, a necessary force to maintain the balance He had designed.

In areas without guardians, chaos reigned. There was division and strife, lawlessness spread like a plague, and evil found fertile ground. Observing this, God decreed that those nations with diligent and righteous Border Patrols would prosper and multiply, becoming beacons of order and civility. Their borders would be respected, their people secure and thriving in harmony.

Conversely, those lands neglecting their boundaries fell into darkness and despair. Anarchy ruled, and their people suffered, for without order, there can be no peace, no prosperity.

And so, it came to be known that there is a thin green line patrolling the righteous borders of nations, a line of protection and peace. These guardians stand between their people and the chaos, ensuring that lawlessness and anarchy are held at bay, maintaining the divine order set forth at the creation of the world. They are the shield against the night, the keepers of the day, ensuring that each nation under their watchful eyes may live in peace and prosperity, according to the divine will. πŸ’šπŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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